Menial tasks don't have to take up your whole day!
Breake daily routines and unleash your team's creativity.
Keep track of team workload
No more cash gaps
Timely document approval
Transparent resource planning
Closing documents, agreements and estimates prepared quickly

Team communication linked to a project
Challenges that QuickBPM solves
Team Workload is Difficult to Manage
Work distribution across my team is not transparent. With 10 projects per month it doesn't seem a big problem. When we hit 30, the team feels overwhelmed.
Adjusted workload
Each project has a dedicated PM and a team. Track performance and task progress of each team member in real time. Make sure that no work is left unattended or forgotten.
Cannot determine project profitability
When something unexpected happens on a project, we fail to track cost overrun and never know how much we really spend.
Profitability is calculated automatically
QuickBPM shows you the exact project profitability based on the revenues and expenses.
Using and Handling Equipment is a Mess
We don't have any means for tracking equipment. Teams don't know who is using it at the moment and when it will be available. Such poor management makes us find replacements at the very last moment. It costs us a fortune.
Resource Planning
Quickly view resources availability and schedule its utilization on projects. If you rent equipment from a third party, QuickBPM will automatically send them an email reminding about the upcoming event and their responsibilities.
Cash Gap
Customers pay for the projects later than planned because it takes us time to gather all the closing documents.
Deliver on Time and Get Paid without Delays
QuickBPM reminds your subcontractors to send closing documents on time. Project managers don't need to waste time calling them personally and trying to get things done.
Inefficient Work with Documents
Instead of focusing on project tasks, event managers have to spend endless hours reproducing similar documents, such as invoices, agreements and sign-offs.
Document Templates and Routing
In QuickBPM, you can generate documents from templates and send them for approval. For example, automatically create invoices, project estimates or supplemental agreements and approve them right away.
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Best Match for
Business Events
Corporate Events
PR and Marketing Events
Perks and Features
Work on projects in one central hub. Create projects, store documents, photos, track project tasks, collaborate with team members in QuickBPM. All important information is always at hand.
There is a chat for every project, so your team shares information and discusses project issues centrally. Every person related to the project receives the latest updates and doesn't have to scan multiple messengers for information.
Track project costs and revenues. You are always aware of how much you have spent and earned in every project. All expenses are quickly approved even when the manager is out of the office. It ensures that project work is started on time.

Database of leads and clients with history of interactions. All client details are stored in the system and can be used as search parameters. VoIP call recorder ensures that you do not miss a thing when communicating with a customer. You can always go back to a call and verify information.

Transparent resource management without haste, budget overruns, or missed deadlines. Track equipment availability and order what you lack, if necessary.
Generate documents from templates in minutes. A contract or an invoice can be created, printed and sent to a customer in no time.
Task lists
Every team member knows their scope of work. Managers have a bird-eye view of the team's workload and schedule. All deadlines are controlled automatically. Task lists and project chats save time and allow organizing project work.
A notification sent at the right moment can save time, money and spare you the headache. In QuickBPM you can set up reminders for anything: overdue tasks, meetings, invoices to be paid, and agreements to be renewed.
Exceptionally User-Friendly
Keep yourself updated about all the important events, even when out the office with QuickBPM mobile apps
Take a ready-to-use program, adapt it, add custom features and remove all that you don't need – sounds like a dream come true
Simple and friendly interface which is not overloaded with features. Just the tools that you need
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